Costumer success stories

Photo George

George Franklin Duskendale 29/11/2003

When I realised I was losing my memories of my wedding day not long after my wife passed away, I almost completely lost my will to live. But then I tried the memory preservation procedure at BestKeptMemory and now not only do I have that special memory stored safely, but I can re-live it every day by putting a VHS tape in my TV! I still miss my wife every day, but I feel like I can better handle her loss knowing that the memory of her will be forever intact!

Photo John

John Cedric 06/08/2002

Removing a single traumatic childhood memory completely cured me of my fear of heights! Thanks to the memory removal procedure provided by BestKeptMemory, I was able to take the role of my career and I am now a very sought-after stunt performer!

Photo Maya

Maya Strauss 26/08/2003

My book, Nightime at the North Pole, is out and top of the charts. All thanks to BestKeptMemory and their impressive technology that allowed me to remember an idea I thought forever lost. The procedure was quick and painless and the results were impressive! I wholeheartedly recommend their services!

Photo Will

Will Fenn 01/06/2003

This year, I lost my dog to illness. Thanks to Best Kept Memory, I will now remember my time with my beloved dog forever: walking him in the park, playing together in the snow, sneaking food to him under the table - memories that fill me with joy and make me feel whole again! I'll be forever grateful to the experts at Best Kept Memory for the quick and painless procedure that allowed my memories to be stored safely!

Photo Adler

Hans Adler 14/05/2002

BestKeptMemories is the best! I completely forgot why I was so obsessed with my ex, and I can now fully focus on my exams!


Jimbo 23/05/2023

I am so grateful I was one of the winners of the Best Kept Memory Lottery! Thanks to Best Kept Memory I now have my most precious memory stored on vhs. On that beautiful day in 2003 I went on a hike with my girlfriend around this pristine Canadian lake. It is now literally a day I will never forget! I am so proud of this memory, I uploaded it on Youtube for everyone to check out their quality services!

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