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Safely store your memories with us

Your first kiss, your wedding day, that rare perfect day that you think about fondly whenever life gets hard… we both know that, at best, these memories will deteriorate over time or be completely forgotten. But what if we told you there is a way to preserve these memories and revisit them whenever you'd like? That's right! Best Kept Memory offers you the technology to safely and painlessly extract and store your happiest, most cherished memories, so that you may keep them for as long as you want! Never worry about forgetting the special moments from your past again! For what are we, but the sum of our memories?   /-_-\⏎ /  /  \⏎/  /    \⏎\  \    /⏎ \__\__/⏎     \\⏎    -\\    ____⏎       \\  /   /⏎ ____   \\/___/⏎ \   \ -//⏎  \___\//-⏎     -//⏎      \\⏎     //⏎     //-⏎   -//⏎   //⏎   \\⏎   \\⏎

Retrieve lost memories

Do you wish to reclaim that cherished childhood memory that sits just beyond your grasp? Or do you want the comfort of remembering a loved one whose face has faded from your memories? Have you suffered any injury that deprived you of precious past memories about who you and your loved ones are? Look no further! At Best Kept Memory we aim to offer you the cure for recovering all of your lost memories! We use the latest brain-scanning technologies to pinpoint your lost memories and stimulate the temporal lobe to coax them back into the part of your brain that will once again allow you full access to their contents with little to no side effects. ! |-|4\\/3 4 |2!|\\|9 |3(_)7 |\\|0 |=!|\\|93|25. ! (_)53|) 70 574`/ 57!|_|_ 4|_|_ 7|-|3 7!/\\/\\3, |3(_)7 |\\|0\\/\\/4|)4`/5 ! |=0|_|_0\\/\\/ `/0(_) 4|20(_)|\\||)

NEW! Memory extraction

Our brand-new experimental treatment* offers extractions of unwanted memories! Patient trials start today! Take back control of your life by removing the bad memories that hold you back!
* Warning this is an experimental treatment - Best Kept Memory cannot be held accountable for any psychological damage that may occur during or at any point after the procedure has taken place. Side effects include but are not limited to: partial or total memory loss, erratic behavior, dissociation, memory contamination or corruption of the soul.

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